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Bob Boyd, co-portfolio manager of the AdvisorShares Pacific Enhanced Floating Rate ETF (NYSE Arca: FLRT) appeared on thestreet.com with Gregg Greenberg and explained the reasons to own FLRT, especially if interest rates rise. He also talked about the benefit of FLRT having active managers monitoring individual credits each day. You can watch this short video below:


AdvisorShares ETFs offer operational and tax efficiencies, which lower investment expenses and typically improve the overall investment return. ETFs are, however, subject to commission costs each time you buy or sell.


AdvisorShares ETFs offer daily transparency and liquidity, which provides investors the ability to understand what the ETF owns and know the true value of their investment. Although liquid, ETFs fluctuate in value.


AdvisorShares offers a variety of investment strategies by investment managers who are experts in their field.


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Managing Volatility In A Volatile Market

Kurt Voldeng, CAIA, portfolio manager of the AdvisorShares QAM Equity Hedge ETF (NYSE Arca: QEH).


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