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How BKCH Works

    The investment thesis for the AdvisorShares Sabretooth ETF (Ticker: BKCH) holds that companies utilizing cloud computing and digital companies that implement emerging technology like blockchain may realize increased profitability and appreciation in stock prices over an extended time horizon. BKCH invests in U.S.-listed equities and American depositary receipts of such digital and cloud companies and does not invest in cryptocurrency. The portfolio manager views these areas as the future of technological record-keeping and information exchanging which can deliver a durable investment theme for growth equity opportunities and long-term performance.
    Cloud computing has helped fuel a technological expansion by enhancing global accessibility and unveiling new ways to grow businesses, which has led to other advancements that seek to improve efficiency and security. Through the delivery of computing services via the internet – from servers, storage, databases, networking and software – cloud-centric companies provide on-demand access that drives both businesses and consumers in today’s modern world. The emergence of select digital technology provides a natural and evolving complement to cloud computing. Such technological advancements include digital ledger and blockchain.
    Blockchain conceptually represents a decentralized digital ledger where information is compiled independently by a number of third parties into a secured, stored block of information that’s incapable of alteration. The term blockchain is generally associated with crypto assets, such as bitcoin, but the portfolio manager believes the application of blockchain transcends cryptocurrency and can serve multiple spaces as this emerging technology can allow companies to reduce costs in multiple areas, improve efficiencies and greatly enhance information security since data is not stored on a centralized server. Such innovation can potentially bring immediate impacts in the financial and technology sectors as well as future growth opportunities in healthcare and other sectors.
    There can be no assurance that digital technology will affect the primary lines of business of the companies in the Fund’s portfolio to have a positive impact on a company’s financial condition.

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Performance -Month-End

BKCH Performance History (%) as of 6/30/2019

  NAV Market Price Return S&P 500 Index
1 Month 4.75 4.77 7.05
3 Months 2.30 2.62 4.30
Since Inception
8.16 8.00 8.61

Performance -Quarter-End

BKCH Performance History (%) as of 6/30/2019

  NAV Market Price Return S&P 500 Index
1 Month 4.75 4.77 7.05
3 Months 2.30 2.62 4.30
Since Inception
8.16 8.00 8.61

Performance data quoted represents past performance and is no guarantee of future results. All Fund data and performance data quoted is believed to be accurate, and unless otherwise stated, is sourced from the Fund administrator, the Advisor’s or Sub-Advisor’s proprietary data, and Morningstar. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance data quoted. Investment return and principal value will fluctuate so that an investor’s shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than original cost. Returns less than one year are not annualized.

The S&P 500 Index is a broad-based, unmanaged measurement of changes in stock market conditions based on the average of 500 widely held common stocks. One cannot invest directly in an index.


Why Invest in BKCH

  • Long-Term Growth Potential - Cloud equities have continued to become the growth engine of modern technology with companies worldwide investing in and using the space. These stocks have consistently increased their market cap among broad-based indexes due to attractive fundamentals and company management. Equities of digital companies implementing blockchain can advance commerce forward, reduce their costs and potentially outperform broad market benchmarks. Blockchain represents a technology that cuts across multiple sectors with a very diverse spectrum of companies benefitting from its uses. BKCH’s portfolio manager believes that combining cutting edge securities with such growth dynamics can become long-term drivers of equity markets.
  • Ability to Diversify Among Leaders - The strong appetite and non-saturated market for digital and cloud expansion that exist within BKCH’s investable universe creates a natural diversifying quality for the ETF’s portfolio. Possible company acquisitions by underlying holdings within BKCH may exemplify how owning outliers can potentially return more than originally assumed. BKCH seeks to fill the void for those investors who don’t want to rely on equity selection therefore minimizing company specific risk while maintaining an investment view on the industries within its universe.
  • Exposure to Future Leaders - Before digital and cloud became market hotbeds, and other terms like FANG became apropos, there were the Four Horsemen (Microsoft, Intel, Dell and Cisco), and long prior to that came the Nifty Fifty. Inevitably, if history provides any guide, new companies will emerge to assume the role of market leaders. Whether that evolves in months, years or decades, this actively managed ETF’s investment process is designed to identify these new constituents and seeks to maintain their performance within the portfolio. The actively managed aspect of BKCH allows for evolution and relevance, as opposed to the constraints and staleness that can follow index-based ETFs.

Where Does BKCH Fit in a Traditional Portfolio?

    BKCH seeks to provide a high-growth complement or satellite equity holding to a broad-based equity allocation, while mitigating specific company risk for investors seeking efficient exposure to market leaders utilizing cloud computing and emerging digital technology.

Key Attributes

  1. Concentrated Exposure to Emerging Digital and Cloud - BKCH’s portfolio manager seeks to provide a similar return stream to the performance of leaders in both the digital and cloud computing space. With a diverse cloud space and digital having a limited pool of pure play blockchain equity opportunities, BKCH seeks to concentrate a portfolio of best of breed companies and future leaders in their respective areas.
  2. High Conviction - BKCH is designed to be nimble and offers actively managed access to a concentrated leadership of cloud-focused and blockchain-oriented, digital equity securities, which allows flexibility within its portfolio – unlike passive ETFs that are restricted by following, and automatically owning everything in, an index.
  3. Disruptive Innovators - The stocks actively selected for BKCH have demonstrated attractive growth and earnings potential as well as leadership characteristics in their respective industries. By investing in such innovators and similar-type emerging companies, BKCH’s portfolio seeks to maintain both a leadership and a leading-edge role within a technological revolution.
  4. Exclusive Access to Sought-After Investment Theme - BKCH delivers efficient access for investors seeking exposure to the cloud and emerging digital segments of the equity market along with added diversification benefits. Investors could otherwise face barriers from higher share prices if individually purchasing many of these company stocks as well as a limited number of pure plays especially among blockchain equities.

About the Portfolio Manager

    Scott Freeze, chief investment officer of Sabretooth Advisors, LLC
    Mr. Freeze has been involved with ETFs since entering the financial services industry in the 1990s and brings over 25 years of financial services industry experience on both the buy side and sell side. Prior to joining Sabretooth, he founded Street One Financial in 2009 to serve as an Alternative Liquidity provider in the ETF space. He brings a wealth of product knowledge within in the Registered Investment Advisor channel as well as in the Authorized Participant and Market Maker space in leading Sabretooth. He has frequented as a guest on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business and has been often printed in Wall Street Journal, New York Times and various industry outlets.


Price History

As of: 08/18/2019
NAV$26.42Closing Price$26.30
Shares Outstanding100,000Volume401
4PM Bid/Offer Midpoint$26.45Premium/Discount$0.03
Assets Under Management$2,641,705.52
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